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"Dogs Never Bite Me. Just Humans"

~ Marilyn Monroe

Maggie The Cat
Photobucket The Girl
My name is Margaret Ann and i live in Scotland. I would say i am a typical 23 year old. Love going out with family and friends and meeting new people. I enjoy going to live gigs, reading biographies, listening to music, collecting, playing with photoshop and watching movies. I am happiest when i am laughing with friends and family its so cheesy but true. I started a LiveJournal really to make new friends who are intrested in classic cinema like i am and also to share any of my photoshop efforts lol!

My Loves
Classic cinema is one of my main obsessions, I have so many favourite stars from the classic era of Hollywood. I just love discovering great movies from that era of cinema. I am just fascinated by the whole glamour and sophistication of the time and it all started with my love of Marilyn Monroe.

I love the play around with photoshop, Here is some of examples of the icons ive made:

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